lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

One day at the time, that`s our way to live.
One life at the time, one kiss, one hug at the time.
It`s so impossible to us to understand more than one thing at the same time,
it sounds like a sexist joke and it´s So true.
´Don`t chew gum while you walk´: you can get a broken heart.
The clock keeps on bipping, it`s not supposed to be tictacking?
Mary, holy mary, come and sing a song with me.
( Why on hell is my bra inside a cup?)
Keep on bipping motherf"ckr and I sware it`s your last hour to.
Walk trough a glass floor is not that tantric after all.
Came across the room and holded my head to pray for me.
Cryed a tear of wine to drink it.

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