domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Who knows if there´s any chance to be calm,
when the sea is coming down and
the walls of stones start to walk
all the way through your chest.
I think that there´s no plan,
no way to stay awake in this
house of pains and
I think that we wait
to sat,
and not the other way around.
We stay on moving,
we stay so crazy, so importants, so giants, so louds ...
And in the fucking city we sat
we drink one coffee,
we think that coffee will calm down our love
our hungry,
our anger.
We sat and we think that´s is going to solve all our rush,
since we are siting in front of ourselves, something has to change.
We don´t,
we are all the same with a coffee on our hands.
All misstupt , all a mess.
We sat to sweed our souls, to drink our tears.
We say: Since I ´ve stopped walking , something has to change.

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Bluebird dijo...

«house of pains and

Verdadero vaivén-

La quiero.