domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Not my island neither my salvation
Far away from being my charming prince
somehow you figure it out to make me happy.
Staying next to me as my guardian
both know that it´s just a pose,
and we don`t need to tell anyone that I easily can
stand by myself forever and ever amen.
From no one , from nobody,
do you want to save me from myself?
Maybe, I started to forgot that
life is a bitch
that people cries most of the time
and they are just fine.
Forgetting that love is just a way to stay alive
and sing sad songs, and write stupid poems,
Without much to give you,
just me,
slices of mediocrity
waiting for you to say something beautiful.

1 comentario:

Bluebird dijo...

El amor es sólo una manera de manterse vivo...

Me gusto eso.

y esto otro «waiting for you to say something beautiful»: Pasión por decir.
Aunque no siempre se dicen cosas hermosas.

La leo siempre. Escriba un poco más.